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Our strategy on coalOur strategy on coal<p>We're committed to lowering our GHG emissions. Find out about our transition from coal to natural gas.</p> <a class="ms-rteElement-LargeButton2" href="">Watch the video</a>
Phone scam once again making the rounds Phone scam once again making the rounds <p>Albertans are again receiving threatening phone calls that their power will be cutoff if they do not immediately pay an outstanding balance. In some cases, people are being told to pay their bill via PayPal or prepaid credit cards – two payment methods that we do not accept. </p><p>To find out more about this scam, and what you can do, please read our <a href="">blog.</a> </p>

Lights Out?Outage Information

You have the right to choose

Electricity and Natural Gas 

Switching to a retail electricity provider is easy and will not interrupt your service. Hundreds of thousands of Albertans have chosen ENMAX Energy Corporation for their energy needs. Our goal is to help simplify the options for you so you can choose a offer that suits you best.


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You can choose any retailer listed at Electricity delivery to your home or business isn't affected by your choice of retailer.

Regulated Rate Option

ENMAX Power Corporation is a default provider of electricity. If you have not signed up with an electricity provider, you are on a regulated rate option (RRO) which fluctuates monthly and is affected by the weather, seasonal demands and fuel costs.

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Customer Care

Customer careNeed help?
We're here for you

We have experts standing by to help you with whatever questions you have. You can also try searching through our FAQ section.

Customer Care

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Meter Services

Your one-stop shop for meter services

ENMAX Power Corporation collects monthly meter data for Calgary, Red Deer and some rural communities. We also provide meter services for residential customers in Calgary.

Meter reader

Home Improvements

ENMAX Power Corporation is here to help with all your residential power needs. Whether you want to energize a new garage or move a power pole, we are here to help.

To move an existing power pole or anchor, please call 403-514-3716

Renewable Energy

There is renewable energy all around us

ENMAX Energy Corporation* is helping give you the opportunity to lead the way into the future by powering your home with renewable energy. Make a difference today by generating your own clean renewable energy at home.  What’s more – we make it easier for you as we get you the equipment you need, obtain the appropriate permits, plus provide you with customized installation and a limited maintenance and repair warranty.

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​​​​​* ​Home Solar and Home Wind are brought to you by ENMAX Energy Corporation and ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.

Renewable energy

You can choose any retailer listed at Electricity delivery to your home or business isn't affected by your choice of retailer.