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ENMAX overview

ENMAX Corporation (ENMAX) is a utility company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. ENMAX, through its subsidiaries and predecessors, have a history of delivering electricity to Calgarians for over 100 years and, with deregulation, now provides retail services to Albertans throughout the province.


ENMAX is an active participant in the Sustainable Electricity program, an initiative of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA). The Sustainable Electricity™ program is a public commitment by member utilities to reduce their impacts on the environment by implementing programs and sharing best management practices to address and mitigate these impacts.

The ENMAX group of companies are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We make, move and market electricity. Today, we employ more than 1,800 employees who serve approximately 835,000 residential and commercial sites in Alberta.

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Our companies

We make, move and market electricity

ENMAX Corporation

Involved in all areas of the electricity value-chain through its subsidiaries. Our priority is to make, move and market electricity safely and reliably as one of the largest electricity providers in Alberta.

ENMAX Power Corporation

Owns, operates and maintains the electricity distribution and transmission network in and around Calgary.

ENMAX Power Services Corporation

Provides competitive engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services.

ENMAX Energy Corporation

Offers electricity and natural gas products and services to customers, such as the EasyMax® program and customized energy plans for businesses and industrial clients.

ENMAX Customer Care

Supplies billing and customer care services to residential and small commercial customers on behalf of ENMAX and The City of Calgary.

Gianna Manes, President and CEO

ENMAX Corporation believes it is important for our Shareholder, The City of Calgary, and all the citizens of Calgary to know who we are, what we do and how we make, move and market electricity in the province of Alberta.

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Leadership and Governance

Committed to being well-governed and transparent

Quick bites of industry information


Learn about ENMAX and the Alberta electricity industry in minutes! Our informative Quick Bites are designed to simplify complex topics.

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Quick bite categories include:

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Corporate objectives

Learn about our objectives and the eight core areas for action that define the way we work to deliver superior results:

Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility helps our organization embrace and understand the impact of our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, the public and other stakeholders.


This report is intended to meet the needs of a diverse stakeholder audience; one that includes The City of Calgary (our sole Shareholder), customers, employees, community groups and many more. We connect with each of these important stakeholders in different ways.

Our report consists of the following sections:


Delivering long-term value

At ENMAX Corporation, every decision we make is to ensure we deliver long-term value to our sole Shareholder, The City of Calgary, and by extension, all Calgarians. In 2014, our revenue was $3.3 billion, our net earnings were $155 million and dividends to the City of Calgary were $60 million.

Reports and publications

How we earn profits is equally as important as the level of profits we earn

Our unique business model, which includes making, moving and marketing electricity, has positioned us to provide cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for Albertans while providing a stable dividend for our Shareholder, The City of Calgary. We believe that how we earn profits is equally as important as the level of profits we earn.

ENMAX Corporation is committed to disclosing all aspects of our performance through a variety of reports and publications.

 Latest reports and publications



2015 Q3 Financial Report2015 Q3 Financial Report 4:30:00 PMReportpdf401
2015 Q2 Financial Report2015 Q2 Financial Report 5:30:00 PMReportpdf491
2015 Q1 Financial Report2015 Q1 Financial Report 4:00:00 PMReportpdf57
2014 Annual Report2014 Annual Report 7:00:00 PMReportpdf
ENMAX 2014 Financial ReviewENMAX 2014 Financial Review 5:00:00 PMReportpdf1091

 Featured reports and publications



ENMAX 2014 Financial ReviewENMAX 2014 Financial Review 5:00:00 PMReportpdf1091
Q3 2014 Financial ReportQ3 2014 Financial Report 5:00:00 PMReportpdf54


ENMAX Corporation, through its subsidiaries and predecessors, has a rich history, dating back to December 2, 1905.
Before ENMAX, The City of Calgary Electric System provided electricity to Calgarians.

Find out where we came from and who we are today.

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