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Energy Saving Tips

It could be as simple as turning off the lights or closing the windows, but a few small changes to how you use energy goes a long way in controlling your consumption — and your costs.

How to save on energy this summer:

  • Maintain your air conditioner -  Schedule an inspection each spring to ensure your cooling system is running safely and efficiently before summer.
  • Check your air filters every month - By cleaning or replacing air filters regularly, you can improve the performance of your system and reduce energy costs.
  • Use motion detectors outdoor - Motion sensors can significantly reduce energy used by outdoor lights without compromising security or style.
  • Buy ENERGY STAR® certified appliances - ENERGY STAR® certified appliances may use up to 65 per cent less energy than conventional models.
  • Make sure refrigerator seals are tight - Replace leaky seals on your refrigerator or freezer door to prevent cool air loss.
  • Improve shading for windows - Consider adding awnings or shutters, to the outside of your windows to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Use solar outdoor lights - To reduce energy costs, by replacing your outdoor lights with solar lights.
  • Seal leaky ducts - Your home could be losing up to 20 per cent of its heated or cooled air through leaky ducts. Check for any obvious holes and seal them with mastic, then reinforce them with fiberglass mesh tape.
  • Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer - Laptops are up to 90 per cent more energy efficient than desktop computers.  
  • Use natural light during the day - Save energy and lower electricity costs by lighting your rooms naturally. Open curtains or angle shutters and blinds so light bounces into your rooms.
  • Get a home energy assessment - Contact a home energy assessment provider to have a certified energy expert inspect your home for ways to save.

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).


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