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May 10, 2018





RE: Electrical Utility Meter Handling and Secondary Service Supply Restrictions


Notice To: Electrical Contractors working within the ENMAX Power Corporation (EPC) Service Territory (City of Calgary and surrounding area).  EPC, with the cooperation of the City of Calgary Electrical Inspections, is enforcing its procedures and protocols regarding the care and handling of EPC owned electrical utility meters and secondary service supply connections. 

EPC, as the Owner is the only party permitted to remove, install and handle electrical utility metering equipment.  This is consistent with the electric utility industry's standard and practice Canada wide.  This also includes the de-energization or re-energization of utility service supply connection point.

No Electrical Contractor or other third Party shall:

1.       Cut or remove an EPC electrical meter seal or meter ring.

2.       Remove an EPC electrical meter from an energized or de-energized meter base.

3.       Disconnect or reconnect energized utility service conductors at the service entrance (mast / weather head).

IMPORTANT:  EPC will be closely monitoring these restrictions and will be collaborating with the City of Calgary Electrical Inspections to ensure that all infractions are identified and reported as required.

Process for Temporary Power Disconnection & Reconnection

Minor Service Order (MSO) Request

Process Summary:

-          Request MSO via web portal (minimum 3 business days required for scheduling purposes).

-          Provide payment method (credit card or pre-approved account P.O. #) in full prior to EPC scheduling work.

-          EPC and electrician to meet at site for Disconnect and then again for Reconnect as scheduled.

Step 1:  Requesting a Disconnect/Reconnect MSO

1.       To make your MSO request:

a.       Go to:  www.enmax.com/services.

b.      Under "ELECTRICITY SERVICES", select – "Electrician Requested Services".

c.       Then select – "Construction Disconnect-Reconnect" and click "GET STARTED".

2.       Enter all of the required information into the Request Form and Submit (Electrical Permits must be in place).

3.       You will receive email confirmation that your request has been submitted and that an EPC representative will contact you, as required.

4.       A quote will be created based on the information provided, which includes travel time, estimated labour time, and materials, as applicable.

5.       Once the quote has been completed, you will receive an email along with a secure web link to make the required credit card payment to complete the scheduling of your MSO.  No MSO will be scheduled until full payment has been received.

Step 2:  Temporary Disconnect of Power (Day of Disconnect)

An EPC crew will meet the requesting electrician on site to discuss the work and then disconnect the electrical service supply, only if the following conditions are met:

-       The electrician MUST be present, on site.

-       The main service disconnect MUST be in the open position (no load).

Step 3:  Reconnection of Power (Day of Reconnect)

An EPC crew will meet the requesting electrician (re- arranged time by electrician) on site to discuss the work and then reconnect the electrical service supply, only if the following conditions are met:

-       The electrician MUST be present, on site.

-       The main service disconnect MUST be in the open position (no load).

-       Electric service connection and meter are both accessible to safely reconnect (OHS, EPC Safety and CEC compliant).

-       Electrical Permits are required and authorization to re-energize from the authority having jurisdiction must be affixed to the equipment (ie: green sticker) on site or an email sent from electrical inspections to trouble dispatch/control authorizing the reconnection.

-       Failure to meet all these conditions will result in a denial of re-energization.  Once all the conditions have been met then another reconnect must be rescheduled with a 1 hr MSO charge.


NOTE: A failure of the electrician to be present, on site will be subject to a 1 hr MSO charge.

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).