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Electrical equipment clearance zones

If you received a door hanger our crews have identified obstruction(s) to electrical equipment on your property.

Below are examples of ENMAX electrical equipment our crews need to access:


Pull box

Secondary tub

Switch gear


Sample door hanger


Under CSA Standards, crews need 3 metres of clearance in order to fully open the doors and use the necessary tools to do maintenance or repair the equipment.

In an emergency situation ENMAX will do whatever is necessary to access equipment.


Changing the grade of a lot, building retaining walls or fences, and planting trees within the clearance zone prevents us from accessing our equipment. This can result in a safety hazard for our crews and result in a delay in us restoring power to you and your neighbours.

Don't build structures around the equipment.

Don't plant shrubs in the clearance area.

Don't build structures near or within the clearance zone.

Don't obstruct the equipment.

Metal fences

Metal fences have significant concerns due to their ability to conduct electricity. For that reason, we require metal fences be at least 3 metres away from all sides of electrical equipment.



What can I plant INSIDE the clearance zone?

Grass is permitted but no shrubs, trees or gravel are allowed inside the clearance zone.

What can I plant OUTSIDE the clearance zone?

Shrubs less than 1 metre in height can be planted outside of the clearance zone. Trees can also be planted as long as limbs or roots don't enter or obstruct on the clearance zone. The homeowner is responsible for disposing of any trimmings from removal of obstructions.

Will ENMAX dispose of obstructions that have been moved?

No. The homeowner is responsible for disposing of any trimmings resulting from removal of obstructions.

Why does ENMAX need to access their equipment?

In order for crews to perform emergency repairs and maintenance, they must be able to safely access equipment. This is a code requirement regulated through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

I bought the property like this. Why do I need to remove the encroachment now? Are my neighbours being asked to remove theirs?

All property owners that have obstructions to our electrical equipment are notified as we do our inspections. It is likely that your neighbours are also being notified. Removal of the obstruction allows crews to do necessary repairs and maintenance in a safe and timely manner.

Have questions?

Email: getconnected@enmax.com
Phone: 403-514-3716

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