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Executive team

​Our executive team brings together a unique combination of experiences to deliver value to our shareholder, while helping to power your home, businesses and communities. 


Gianna Manes Gianna Manes
President and Chief Executive Officer


Pat MacDonaldPat MacDonald
Executive Vice President
People, Communications​, and Engagement
James McKeeJames McKee
Executive Vice President, Technical Services


Dale McMaster Dale McMaster
Executive Vice President, Power Delivery


Dave Rehn Dave Rehn
Executive Vice President, Competitive Energy

Helen WesleyHelen Wesley
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer​


Erica YoungErica Young
Executive Vice President, Regulatory and Chief Legal Officer


Rob Hemstock
Rob Hemstock
Special Counsel to CEO



Lonnie EnnsLonnie Enns
Senior Vice President, Energy Marketing


Tamera Van Brunt
Tamera Van Brunt
Vice President, Communications and Engagement


Diana Stephenson Diana Stephenson
Chief of Staff and Shareholder Relations




You can choose any retailer listed at or at 310-4822. Electricity delivery to your home or business isn't affected by your choice of retailer.

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