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Questions and Answers
  • My retailer isn't ENMAX Energy Corporation - so why is ENMAX reading my meter?
    All metering equipment in the City of Calgary is owned and maintained by ENMAX Power Corporation. Once the reads are collected by the meter readers that data is then sent to your retailer.
  • How do I know what the meter reader looks like?
    ENMAX Power Corporation supplies all its meter readers with a specified uniform. Our field staff will be wearing a combination of khaki shirts, shorts/trousers with bright red jackets or vests and all of our clothing is embroidered with the ENMAX logo. Every employee is also required to carry ENMAX identification, which you can ask to see at any time when the meter reader enters your premises.
  • Are they allowed to come into my yard?
    The city bylaws and the terms and conditions on your electrical contract state that access to your electrical meter must be provided. ENMAX Power meter readers will always respect your privacy and property when obtaining your meter's reading.
  • Why do they need to come in my yard/house - aren't all meters read through the telephone lines?
    Currently, 90 per cent of ENMAX Power's electrical meters and approximately 30 per cent of the water meters are still read manually by the meter readers. The meters not read manually are collected by the meter reader using RF technology on a handheld unit. Interval meters which service large commercial sites are the only meters read through the telephone network.
  • How did they read my meter? My gates are locked.
    The vast majority of electrical meters are located on either the side or the center rear of the house. Most of the time, yard entry isn't required to read these meters. For the meters on the backs of houses, the meter reader is more than likely 'scoping' the meter from the alley with their binoculars. Scoping the meter allows our meter readers to be more efficient and also stay safe from unknown hazards on customers' properties.
  • Can the meter reader help me with my bill? Explain it to me?
    No, the meter reader is unable to help you with your bill. In accordance with regulations, ENMAX Power meter readers will only be able to assist you with meter related inquiries. Any questions concerning billing MUST be directed to your chosen retailer.
  • What types of meters do the meter readers read?
    ENMAX Power meter readers read the electric and water meters located on property in Calgary, Red Deer, Ponoka, Cardston and Fort MacLeod.
  • What is an ERT or RF type meter?
    An ERT or RF is a meter that broadcasts its reading to the meter reader through a handheld device.
  • Why is my water read by an RF/ERT unit but not my electricity?
    Water meters are owned by the City of Calgary who are currently trying to replace their inventory from manually read meters to radio frequency (RF) meters. Electrical RF meters are costly and are reserved for sites which pose a significant safety risk to ENMAX Power staff or sites which are extremely hard to access.
  • Is personal information being sent by my RF/ERT meter?
    No. The meter reader's handheld device broadcasts a unique 13 digit ID number which will only be responded to by the meter that is programmed with that specific ID. The only information your meter will send back is the reading on the dials of your meter. Your meter does not contain any personal information.
  • Are the read dates flexible? I want my meter read on Mondays.
    Unfortunately, read dates are not flexible. Your read date is based on the billing cycle your address is applicable to. Every billing cycle has a predetermined read date (actual read may occur two days on either side of scheduled read date).
  • ENMAX Power Meter Reading has a key to my property - how do I get it back?
    For all key related inquires please call the ENMAX Power Meter Reading department at 403-514-3830.
  • I want ENMAX Power Meter Reading to have a key to my property - who do I call?
    For all key related inquires please call the ENMAX Power Meter Reading department at 403-514-3830.
  • What kind of security does ENMAX Power have for its customers' keys?
    All keys entrusted to ENMAX Power are properly stored in locked cabinets in a highly secured area. All keys are signed out by ENMAX Power staff and returned the same day.
  • I've found ENMAX Power Meter Reading property - who do I call?
    Please call ENMAX Power Meter Reading at 403-514-3830.
  • My meter is damaged - who do I call?
    Please call the ENMAX Power Meter Shop at 403-514-2807.
  • How often is my meter read?
    ENMAX Power Meter Reading attempts to read your meter every month, two days on either side of your scheduled read date.
  • What happens if my meter isn't read?
    If a meter reader cannot read your meter, a door card will be left for you in your mailbox or front door. If you email (meters@enmax.com) a photograph of your meter with the meter number and dials clearly shown, we can input your reading into our system so that your read can be used for billing. If you don't have the ability to email a photo, you can also call our IVR system (403-662-3250) and leave a voicemail with your readings.
  • What if I have pets in my yard?
    If you have a pet in your yard you can call the ENMAX Power Meter Reading department at 403-514-3830 and let us know. This will allow us to put a note onto the meter reader's handheld device so the meter reader is aware of pets on your property. Not only will this keep our meter reader safe from a potential dog bite, but the meter reader will be especially alert not to let your pet out of your yard.
  • What hours do the meter readers work?
    During the winter, our meter readers do not start reading meters until 8 a.m. Once summer arrives and the sunrise is earlier, our meter readers will begin their routes at 7 a.m.
  • How can I help the meter reader read my meter safely and efficiently?
    Keeping our meter readers safe is ENMAX Power's number one priority - our customers play a big part in helping us achieve that. How can you help? Learn more.
  • My meter is indoors - will ENMAX Power move it outside for me?

    Unfortunately, no. The cost of moving a meter outside is the responsibility of the customer. If this option isn't for you, you can choose one of the following:

    • Call ENMAX Power Meter Reading at 403-514-3830 and supply us with a key to your property so we can ensure monthly accurate reads.

    • Submit a monthly read of your meter by sending us a photograph or an email with your read so we can ensure monthly accurate reads.

  • Will the meter reader contact me before reading my meter?
    If you request, we can have the meter reader try to contact you on the morning of reading. We cannot, however, call in advance more than the morning of the read due to our department working on a production schedule, which could see a route be read two days on either side of your scheduled read date.
  • What happens if a person comes to read my meter outside of my read cycle?
    If a site hasn't been read for a period of three months or greater, or if a read has been deemed questionable, a meter reader may visit the site to confirm the actual reading on the meter outside of the regular read date. If you have any concerns, all meter reading staff are required to carry identification or you can call ENMAX Power Meter Reading at 403-514-3830.
  • What is a bi-directional meter?
    These meters are used to link a micro-generation unit to the grid. There are two separate data points. One data point shows the amount of electricity that has been brought into the building from the grid. The second data point shows electricity that has been exported from the house back into the grid.

All customers are free to purchase natural gas services from the default supply provider or from a retailer of their choice and to purchase electricity services from the regulated rate provider or from a retailer of their choice. The delivery of natural gas and electricity to you is not affected by your choice. If you change who you purchase natural gas services or electricity services from, you will continue receiving natural gas and electricity from the distribution company in your service area. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).


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