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ENMAX Power Corporation

26.81L STONEY TRAIL Transmission Line Alteration



The existing wood poles to be removed range in height from approximately 17 to 20 meters. The proposed 3-pole deadend structures are expected to range in height from approximately 21 to 25 meters as required to meet design and safety standards.


Temporary access accommodations and road closures may be periodically required during construction. ENMAX Power will work with stakeholders and the City of Calgary to minimize impacts to residences, businesses, and commuters in the area. There are no planned power outages impacting customers as part of the proposed work.

  • 3-Pole deadend structure: A group of 3 self-supporting wood structures designed to support and carry overhead transmission lines that cross a large feature, such as a railway line, river or valley.
  • Transmission lines: High voltage power lines that transport large quantities of power over long distances.
  • Wood pole: A wood structure designed to support and carry overhead transmission lines. Wood poles may require guy wires where technically required.​

Contact Us​​

Your input is valuable to us. We will ensure you get answers to your questions and that your concerns are un​derstood. For more information about the proposed Project, please contact:

Phone: 403-514-1471
E-mail: stakeholderrelations@enmax.com
Website: enmax.com/26.81L.StoneyTrail

To learn more about the regulatory process, please contact:


Phone: 403-310-4282
E-mail: info@auc.ab.ca
Website: www.auc.ab.ca​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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