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Primary metered electrical service brings different responsibilities – are you a primary metered customer?

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ENMAX Power has been visiting sites to discuss primary metered electrical service with large commercial customers – what it is and the specialized roles and responsibilities for customers with this type of electrical service.

Primary metered electrical service is for customers with high electrical demand (typically greater than 2 MVA) who require transformer capacity larger than what ENMAX Power has available in our distribution system.

“It is very beneficial for us to get out to sites and learn more about our customers’ businesses and how we can best support their electrical needs,” said Ken De Jaegher, Senior Lead Engineer.

“It gives both ENMAX Power and our customer an opportunity to share knowledge, educate and ensure our customers are aware of their responsibilities as a primary metered customer.”

A primary metered electrical service means the customer is metered at the primary voltage level of their incoming electrical supply and the customer owns medium voltage electrical distribution equipment downstream of the demarcation (i.e. metering) point. For these sites the customer is accountable to procure, install, operate and maintain their own medium voltage switchgear and transformer(s).

“Primary metered customers fall under the rate code D410 Distribution Tariff Large Commercial – Primary, which provides them with lower monthly electrical costs as compared to other commercial tariffs” said De Jaegher. “The lower costs help offset the added customer responsibilities to maintain the equipment – a responsibility that subsequently is removed from ENMAX.”

Equipment owned by primary metered customers typically consists of medium voltage switchgear, cables and transformers operating at either 13.2 kV or 25 kV. It should be noted that Iconic Power Systems operates a transformer rental program for some primary metered customers, a program formerly managed by ENMAX Power Services Corporation. In some older installations, customer owned equipment may also include overhead poles, conductor, switches and anchors.

In general, customers are responsible for the maintenance and operation of this equipment in accordance with the applicable electrical codes and all occupational health and safety legislation.

“Maintenance work must be done by qualified electrical contractors who are trained and knowledgeable on medium voltage design and installations,” said De Jaegher.

As a helpful tool for our primary metered customers, a Primary Metered Electrical Service – Frequently Asked Questions document was recently developed.

If you think you could benefit from a site visit, or if you have any questions about your existing or new primary metered service, please contact partnerconnect@enmax.com.

Questions? Ideas on what information you would like to see? Please contact partnerconnect@enmax.com

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).