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Equipment Wrapping Pilot Project kicks off at two Calgary locations


ENMAX Power has kicked off its Equipment Wrapping Pilot Project by wrapping two pieces of our electrical equipment in the city: one in the University District and one in Quarry Park.

Over the past several years, developers have asked ENMAX Power for options to reduce the visual impact of electrical infrastructure in their communities. In response, we have been diligently working to develop a program where 3-phase transformers or switch cubicles could be wrapped with a more esthetically pleasing covering.

“We’re so excited to be starting this process as it’s something we’ve been working towards for years,” said Benjamin MacKay, Senior Asset Capital Engineer. “We have researched the experience of other utilities across North America who have implemented equipment wrapping options to develop our own pilot and we anticipate a very positive response.”

The Equipment Wrapping Pilot Project consists of wrapping select equipment, monitoring for wear on the equipment and durability of the covering, and collecting feedback from participants and the community.

So far, the two participants who have equipment wrapped are thrilled with the results.

“Our large transformer now blends into the environment,” said Mike Brander with Remington Development Corporation. “Our community will benefit from beautifying our public spaces.”

“We are excited to participate in this pilot project as it’s aligned with our values of having high-quality public spaces to support walkability and urban living,” said Travis Oberg, director, design, at the University of Calgary Properties Group.​

The equipment wrapping is made of a weather-resistant vinyl which is anticipated to last between five and seven years. To be eligible to be wrapped, equipment must be less than two years old and be in good condition, as assessed by ENMAX Power.

The cost to create and install a wrap is $3,000 for each piece of equipment. This includes installation, materials, salvage (should it be required) and project management/administration.

Pilot participants will be responsible to:

  • Identify potential transformers or switch cubicles to wrap;
  • Provide photos of all four sides of the equipment;
  • Choose a preferred design out of the options provided;
  • Pay for the cost of installation;
  • Sign a legal agreement; and,
  • Provide feedback to ENMAX throughout the pilot (e.g. feedback you receive from the community on wrapping and value gained by developer).

When the time comes for the wrapping to either be replaced or removed, replacement would be at the developer’s cost. If removed, the equipment would look like what we have today (green boxes) and removal would be performed by ENMAX at no additional cost.

“The pilot will run for approximately one year, which should offer us enough time to monitor durability and gather feedback, said MacKay. “Should the equipment wrapping pilot be successful, ENMAX will work towards offering equipment wrapping to all qualifying customers.”

The equipment wrapping pilot is intended for ENMAX Power’s electrical equipment and needs to be arranged through ENMAX Power. To learn more about participating in this pilot or provide feedback, please contact Partner Relationship Management’s Brandy Eagleson at beagleson@enmax.com or 403-689-8553.

Questions? Ideas on what information you would like to see? Please contact partnerconnect@enmax.com


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