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ENMAX releases 2022 ESG Report: advancing a cleaner energy future and enabling electrification

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ENMAX has released its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report highlighting its ongoing commitment to energy affordability, advancing electrification, reducing emissions, adapting to a changing climate and investing in grid resilience while enabling a diverse and inclusive team and ensuring continued access to safe and reliable energy.

ENMAX Power is advancing technology solutions that will meet customer electricity needs today and into the future. ENMAX Power is committed to connecting customers to safe and reliable electricity through prudent cost management and strategic capital investment to optimize the existing grid in alignment with ENMAX’s focus on energy affordability.

“Our electricity grid must continue to deliver power reliably, while enabling the transition to diverse energy sources, withstanding increasingly severe weather events and adapting to changing customer expectations,” said Sarah Stevens, Vice President, Customer Relations and System Development.

Some of ENMAX Power’s 2022 ESG highlights include:

  • Achieving two-way power flow on specialized secondary network distribution systems on the rooftop of CF Chinook Centre, paving the way for urban customers to have more choice in how they generate and use electricity while building a lower carbon future.
  • Advancing the electrification of our mobile fleet with continued testing of two electric medium duty trucks and the conclusion of our Charge Up pilot (phase II) which is helping prepare for electric vehicle (EV) growth by studying EV adoption and the overall effect EVs have on the power grid.
  • Successfully completed our pilot project to test smart meters—known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)—in a few Calgary communities.
  • Piloted the use of drone technology to perform visual and infrared inspections of our electrical infrastructure.
  • Engaged with a very small group of customers to pilot the use of a new online platform called the Grid Sandbox. The Grid Sandbox gathers data from Sense devices that track the power used by individual appliances and equipment in customers’ homes.
  • Increased our focus on high-risk tasks (HRTs). HRTs are activities that are most likely to result in serious harm or injury, such as live line tasks or work in manholes. We developed an HRT app in 2022 for our field workers to identify and rank the HRTs where we can further mitigate risk.
  • Entered into a new 20-year agreement with the Tsuut’ina Nation which has been modernized to reflect changes since the previous agreement, which was entered into in 1991. The renewed agreement governs how ENMAX Power provides electrical distribution services to Tsuut’ina Nation and how we construct, operate and maintain the electric distribution system on the eastern side of Tsuut’ina Nation.

“We are proud of the work we have done towards sustainability while maintaining a reliable system,” said Stevens.

“We look forward to another year of making progress on our goals as we conduct a pilot project to continue advancing the energy transition.”

Read ENMAX’s 2022 ESG report.

Questions? Ideas on what information you would like to see? Please contact partnerconnect@enmax.com


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