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Camrose kicks carbon to the curb

Camrose, Alta. – Today, the City of Camrose and ENMAX Energy proudly unveiled Alberta's newest large-scale solar installation, providing over 1,000 MWh per year of additional renewable electricity. This brings the province one step closer in the shift of our energy mix to one that includes significant renewable electricity sources to power our daily lives."One of the city's top priorities is to consider cost-effective measures to prevent the deterioration of the environment and to protect the health of its citizens," said Mayor of Camrose, Norm Mayer. "Installing these solar panels is just a logical step in our strategic plans."

In 2015, Camrose embarked on a strategic plan to join the Blue Dot movement, officially declaring the rights of citizens to have access to a healthy environment within their community. The city's first major investment in that movement is the now retrofitted Camrose Recreation Centre. With almost 3,000 high-efficiency rooftop solar modules, the array will offset over 30 per cent of the facility's current electricity needs, reducing carbon emissions by about 690 tonnes annually.

"We work very closely with communities and businesses to help make their renewable electricity plans a reality," said ENMAX President and CEO, Gianna Manes. "By the end of 2016, ENMAX Energy projects are expected to represent about 50 per cent of all the solar installations in Alberta – we're very proud of that."

Engineered and installed by Great Canadian Solar, the system is a first for our country in the use of LG's newly developed NeON2 high-efficiency photovoltaic panel*.

"The panels improve efficiency by two and half per cent over standard modules that have been used up to now," said Clifton Lofthaug, President, Great Canadian Solar. "While this may not sound like much, it means we can use a smaller space to install a system that ultimately produces over 25 per cent more electricity."

Funding for the project came in part through the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation's (CCEMC) support of ENMAX Energy's solar leasing project. From 2010 to 2016, the CCEMC has provided funding alongside ENMAX's commitment to advance solar adoption in Alberta.

"The CCEMC is accelerating innovative solutions that secure Alberta's success in a lower carbon economy," said CCEMC CEO, Steve MacDonald. "This installation in the City of Camrose clearly demonstrates how the ENMAX solar leasing project is increasing adoption of solar technology province-wide."

The system will start generating power by the end of October after final commissioning is complete.

*The LG NeON2 panels used for this project are LG's best-selling high efficiency n-type product. The Cello Technology™, LG's unique technology applied to NeON2 model, offers increased reliability, upgraded durability, enhanced performance and improved efficiency in space management. The NeON2 generates high energy, makes it suitable for residential roofs, a wide range of commercial applications, and mass power generation installations. As the Intersolar EU 2015 winner, its quality has been recognized around the world as LG's premium energy output product.

Fast facts

  • The entire solar array consists of 2,886 solar PV modules covering about 33,000 sq. ft. and has a maximum capacity of just over one MW (1,053 kW DC).
  • Based on current usage, this will meet about 31 per cent of the facility's annual electricity needs.
  • The system will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 118 average Alberta homes, offsetting about 690 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
  • Based on current demands, the installation is expected to reduce electricity costs by up to $60,000 annually**.

**Note: figure does not include costs that would otherwise have been incurred through the impending provincial carbon levy.


ENMAX Corporation, through its subsidiaries, makes, moves and sells electricity to residential, small business and large commercial customers and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with offices in Edmonton. ENMAX Power Corporation owns and operates transmission and distribution infrastructure in Calgary and ENMAX Energy Corporation owns diverse electricity generation facilities throughout the province. Since 2007, ENMAX has been named one of Alberta's Top Employers. ENMAX Energy is currently the retailer of choice for both the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton.

About the City of Camrose

Camrose is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities on the prairies, boasting an exceptional quality of life for both citizens and visitors. Camrose is committed to the preservation and protection of their natural park areas, their clean and healthy environment, and the safety of their residents.


Doris Kaufmann Woodcock
Senior Media Relations Advisor
ENMAX Corporation
403-689-6150 (media line)
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Sara Walkey
Communications Coordinator
City of Camrose

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