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ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX Power) owns and operates ENMAX No. 32 Substation (No. 32 Substation) which is located along the banks of the Bow River near the intersection of Deerfoot Trail and Bow Bottom Trail in Southeast Calgary. A portion of the outdoor electrical equipment (switchgear) poses an ope​rational safety risk to our crews and this risk needs to be addressed. Additionally, No. 32 Substation is located in the Bow River floodway and was completely isolated by water during the 2013 Calgary flood event. ENMAX Power is proposing two project options to address the safety concern and ensure the continued reliability of our transmission system (the Project).


In October 2020, ENMAX Power applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) with a proposal to resolve the safety concern at No. 32 Substation by building a new substation outside the Bow River floodway, located in Quarry Park. This proposed substation is referred to as ENMAX No. 45 Substation (No. 45 Substation). On March 2, 2021, the AUC denied ENMAX’s application and directed ENMAX to file a new application to resolve the No. 32 Substation safety concern. All documents related to the previous proceeding can be found on the AUC’s website under proceeding number 25934.

On March 1, 2022, ENMAX Power filed the Facility Application with the AUC for the ENMAX Southeast Substation Safety Enhancement Project. The application has been assigned proceeding number 27193. ENMAX Power’s application identified the No. 32 Substation option as the preferred option and the No. 45 Substation options as the alternate option.

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