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Projects > Green Line Utility Relocation Project


Green Line Utility Relocation Project

Project Overview

Since late 2016, ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX Power) began its involvement in the City of Calgary’s Green Line LRT initiative. As the electrical wire services provider for Calgary, ENMAX Power is working closely with the City of Calgary and other utility companies to adapt the system of electrical wires and infrastructure to accommodate the future Green Line construction.

2023 Overview of ENMAX Power's Work

Our work is focused in Calgary's downtown core. Customers directly affected by this civil work will receive advance notification outlining project specific information and timelines. Please note, the list below does not capture routine maintenance, inspections, emergency work, or electrical portions of work where impact are minimal to our customers.

Project Status Location(s) Construction Anticipated
In Construction
1 Street SW between 4 Avenue SW & 5 Avenue SW May - June 2023
In Construction 5 Avenue SW at 2 Street SW intersection January - May 2023
In Construction Olympic Way SW, between 12 Avenue SE & 14 Avenue SE March – September 2023
 In Construction Centre Street S at 11 Avenue SE intersection Q2
In Construction 10 Avenue S, between 1 Street SW & Macleod Trail SE March – September 2023
In Construction 5 Avenue SW between 1 Street SW & 3 Street SW May – September 2023
Planning Stage 3 Avenue SW, between 1 Street SW & 3 Street SW Q2
Planning Stage 6 Avenue SW, between 1 Street SW & 2 Street SW Q2

Active Projects:

1 Street SW, between 4 Avenue & 5 Avenue (CC-07.3)

5 Avenue SW, between 1 Street & 3 Street SW (CC-07.6 & CC-7.9)

10 Avenue S, between 1 Street SW & MacLeod Trail SE (1.82-184L)

Centre Street from 10 – 12 Avenue SW (CC-06.1)


Future Projects:

Stakeholder consultation for future Green Line initiatives are also underway. For more information on proposed projects, please visit:

2.82 / 2.83 Victoria Park Tranmission Line Relocation Project 

About City of Calgary Green Line LRT Initiative

The Green Line is Calgary's next light rail transit (LRT) line. It is also the largest infrastructure investment in our city’s history. It comes with $4.9 billion in commitments from the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and City of Calgary.

Stage 1 will be built in 2 phases aligning with Council direction to build the Green Line in a stage-gate project approach.  Phase 1 will build 18km of the LRT from Shepard to Eau Claire allowing for easier expansion both North and South.  The current work in the Beltline and Downtown areas is part of the utility relocation program required to make way for Phase 1 construction.

Green Line is an important part of Calgary's economic recovery creating 20,000 jobs in Stage 1 alone and serves as a platform for long-term city building that will encourage redevelopment and investment opportunities in Calgary.

For more information about current Green Line project, please visit here.

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If you have any questions or wish to discuss this project, please contact us:

ENMAX POWER CORPORATION Power Customer Relations


Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).