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Trees Around Electricity

Trees are an important part of our city. Making sure they don’t contact wires is important to help avoid outages or injury.

Trees and branches are good conductors, and this means that they only need to come close to wire for electricity to travel through them and cause a shock or a fire. In bad weather, trees can damage wires and cause outages.

Please Stay Safe

  Call 9-1-1 if a tree or branch has damaged a wire on or near your property.
Do not remove trees, branches or other debris from wires.

  If you have any questions about trees and branches AND it’s not an emergency, please contact us at 403-514-3459, or treetrimming@enmax.com.

Maintaining trees near power lines and electrical equipment.

How we keep trees away from power lines.

Our crews survey neighbourhoods on a three-year cycle to identify trees and branches that are too close to the wires that run from pole to pole in public areas such as parks or along roads and back lanes.

Our tree program team will notify you if we’re trimming trees on near your property and will be available to answer your questions.

If you have a tree that’s stretching into a public space and is near the wires, it will be trimmed back to a safe distance by an ISA , certified arborist. You will not be charged for any trimming or cutting.

Trees and branches on your property

You are responsible for paying for any trimming done to keep trees or branches away from the wire connecting your home to the main electrical service lines.

This work should be done by an ISA certified arborist. They have the experience and will know whether we need to be called to temporarily disconnect the power so that everyone stays safe.

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).