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The City of Calgary (The City) is proceeding with its Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, which would impact existing electrical infrastructure owned and operated by ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX Power) in downtown Calgary. At the City’s request, ENMAX has evaluated the relocation of portions of its 138 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines (2.82L and 2.83L) in the Victoria Park area (the Project). The Project would also address conflicts with other proposed City of Calgary infrastructure projects at certain locations along the existing lines. 

The Project requires the removal of an existing overhead portion of 2.83L which runs east from 6 Street SE, along and across the Elbow River and the Bow River, connecting at transmission structure 2.83-70 (as shown in the Newsletter map) near the Calgary Zoo. That portion of 2.83L will be relocated alongside the existing 2.82L, that runs south along 6 Street SE, the Elbow River and 25 Avenue SE in a double circuit alignment that transitions from underground to overhead at transmission structures 2.82-8 and 2.83-8A (as shown in the Newsletter map). The Project also involves relocating the overhead double circuit portion of 2.82/2.83L currently located along 10 Avenue SE to an underground double circuit 2.82/2.83L in 12 Avenue SE (both between 6 Street SE and Macleod Trail SE) and 3 Street SE.

To construct the underground portion of the Project, ENMAX Power is proposing to excavate (open trench) at certain locations along 10 Avenue SE, 3 Street SE and 12 Avenue SE to install a new duct bank which will house 2.82/2.83L. That new duct bank will connect with an existing duct bank that currently houses 2.82L and runs from the intersection of 12 Avenue SE and 6 Street SE to the location of transmission structures 2.82-8 and 2.83-8A (as shown in the Newsletter map). ENMAX Power is proposing to install the 2.83L cable within this existing duct bank to run alongside the existing 2.82L. New maintenance holes will be installed at various locations to allow access to the underground cables. 

At transmission structures 2.82-8 and 2.83-8A, the 2.82/2.83L cables will transition to overhead double circuit lines and follow the existing overhead 2.82L alignment along 25 Avenue SE toward ENMAX No. 2 Substation. ENMAX Power is proposing to replace the existing single circuit structures along this portion of the route with double circuit steel self-supporting monopoles which will be shared by 2.82L and 2.83L.​



ENMAX Power has filed a Facility Application with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) on February 28, 2023. The Application has been assigned proceeding number 28001. Subject to receiving approval and procuring materials, Project construction is anticipated to begin in Q1 2024 with an expected completion date in Q1 2025.​

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Your input is valuable to us. We will ensure you get answers to your questions and that your concerns are understood. For more information about the proposed Project, please contact:

Phone: 403-514-1471
E-mail: stakeholderrelations@enmax.com
Website: enmax.com/victoriapark-2-82L

To learn more about the regulatory process, please contact:


Phone: 403-310-4282
E-mail: info@auc.ab.ca
Website: www.auc.ab.ca​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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