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Residential, commercial and industrial projects

ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides services for developers, municipalities, utilities and industrial customers. We are a fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance provider.

Our experience includes delivering power infrastructure for small manufacturing plants, power generating stations, municipalities, hospitals, airports, primary metered customers as well as residential and commercial developers.

Our focus is on electrical infrastructure projects up to 240kV including power stations and systems, substations, underground residential distribution, commercial and industrial power systems, and street lighting.

Residential development

ENMAX Power Services Corporation's RCI Solutions Team provides engineered solutions for single-family and single-phase multi-family development for power distribution and street lighting.

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Commercial and industrial development

We will engineer a solution for your commercial development for power distribution and lighting while coordinating with other shallow utilities to provide you with exceptional value.

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Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides Traction Power solutions for new LRT extensions as well as maintenance and upgrades within the operating system. EPSC offers turnkey Engineer-Procure-Construct services to a variety of clients, as well as providing maintenance and operational services to the transit agency. EPSC also has experience with other LRT Systems; providing Signals and Communications.

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Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides street lighting systems that are economical, effective and visually appealing. Ideal for commercial property, residential developments, business zones, parks, pathways and other projects.

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Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation has a dynamic team of professionals and skilled trades with the required knowledge and experience to work on any utility substation, generating plant, wind farm or any switchyard project.

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Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides underground trenching services and joint trenching services on behalf of ENMAX Power Corporation for residential development, as well as commercial and industrial design services.

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Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides turnkey solutions for telecom providers, municipalities and utilities. We design and install infrastructure overhead and underground, brownfield and greenfield, in rural and high density urban settings. Whether you are a carrier looking for a turnkey solution for installation of your infrastructure, or an owner of infrastructure that multiple carriers are looking to use in their deployment, our team of design and field staff is at your service.

Electricity Services


ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides design and construction services for overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems. If you are a developer, facility owner, municipality or utility that requires design, construction, maintenance and asset management services to meet your goals, our team of dedicated technical and field staff is at your service.

About Us

ENMAX Power Services Corporation provides quality engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services. We specialize in underground shallow utility infrastructure, maintenance of outdoor lighting, installation of fibre optic cable, electronic communications, transmission and distribution, telecommunications and the construction and maintenance of Light Rail Transit systems. ENMAX Power Services is an unregulated subsidiary of ENMAX Power Corporation.​

Contact us

Residential development 403-514-3450
Commercial development ​ 403-514-3355​
Light Rail Transit systems​ 403-689-6391​
Residential streetlight development​ 403-514-3450​
Commercial streetlighting  ​403-514-3355
Transformer rentals ​ 403-514-3001
Transmission and distribution ​ 403-514-3031
Telecommunication services ​ 403-514-3031

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).