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Questions and Answers
  • Do I qualify for a School Safety Program?
    If your school is in Calgary's city limits, meaning the power lines and electrical meter are owned by ENMAX, then you are eligible to request a school safety visit. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide presentations outside of this area, but ATCO Electric, Fortis and EPCOR also offer this program for their service territories.
  • Do you need to visit the school?
    No. We have online resources and videos that you can use for your own science and safety purposes, so if you are outside of our service area or may not have the time to schedule in a visit, you can utilize these resources to assist you.
  • What grade is your in-school program designed to teach?
    Our program is based on the Grade 5 curriculum for the Electricity and Magnetism unit. If your students are studying this unit either before, during or after the presentation, then this is program will fit your needs. The presentation is not designed for younger children.
  • What will my students learn?
    Our presentation will explain exactly what electricity is, cover conductors and insulators as part of how ENMAX delivers electricity, and then discuss injuries caused by electrical contact in terms suitable for the age group. It does go into depth about how electricity works, why it tries to find the ground, and many ways students (as well as adults) can avoid hazards and make situations safer.
  • Is there a cost for the program?
    The ENMAX School Safety Program visits are free.
  • When can I put in a request?
    You can make a request for a visit at any time, though we advise teachers not to request a session until they know the approximate dates they will be teaching the Electricity and Magnetism unit, so waiting until August to put in a request is preferable, and we will take requests until mid-April.
  • When will you visit my school?
    The actual visit can be arranged for any time between mid September and the end of May, Monday through Thursday. We do not offer the program on Fridays or in the month of June.
  • Can I have more than one presentation at my school?
    The School Safety presentation is best presented to two classes at a time, or an average of sixty students. If you have more than two classes, we can arrange additional presentations on the same day.
  • What time will you visit my school?
    Presentation times can vary to meet your school's schedule. We generally have three spots to work with in a day: early morning, late morning, and afternoon. A school can request two sessions in the morning, or one late morning and one afternoon.
  • How long is the presentation?
    Our presenters prefer an hour to present the content of our program, though we can shorten this to meet the needs of your schedule. We also try to factor in time for student questions, which means some presentations might run slightly longer than an hour as we try to answer as many questions as possible.
  • What do I need to provide?
    Our presentations only need three things from the school: a place to park with easy access to the main entrance, a presentation space suitable to hold your students, and a table for our display model. We will bring everything else needed including an extension cord. Please note, the display does take time to set up, so moving between presentations without a suitable period of time is not possible.
  • Is there anything else I should know?
    We do bring a small scale electrical arc simulator called Hazard Hamlet to use as part of the presentation. This is a very safe device that uses a standard wall outlet for power. We do have a requirement that students are at least one meter away from the display during the presentation.
  • How do I schedule a visit?
    Please send an email to schoolprogram@enmax.com with your name, your school, the address, number of students and potential times and dates you might like a visit. We will reply with the options that fit the schedule and finalize other details from there as needed.
  • Does School Program refer to apprentices or post secondary studies?
    Our School Safety program is specifically for visiting Grade 5 students in Calgary schools and providing resources for a younger audience with regards to science and safety. Please visit our careers section for more details on apprenticeships and our Engineers-In-Training program.
  • Do you offer tours of your facilities?
    We do not offer any tours of our Substations, training or testing facilities. For information about visiting our generating facilities and potential for tours there, please contact tours@enmax.com.

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