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Outdoor Safety Tips

It's important to think about safety when undertaking any projects around your home that may bring you in contact with electrical wires.

Thinking of doing some landscaping or work around the outside of your home? There are some important safety items to consider before you begin:

Before starting any work involving a change in existing electrical wiring, you must obtain a Homeowner Electrical Permit from The City of Calgary. The City also conducts all electrical inspections. If you have questions, contact The City of Calgary's Planning and Building Department by visiting them on the fourth floor of the Municipal Building or by phoning 403-268-5311.

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Renovations and landscaping

ENMAX Trouble: 403-514-6100 (available 24/7 for Calgary) Call for advice and assistance on working closer that seven metres for overhead power lines, and a metre from underground power lines. ENMAX will be happy to provide safety information and assistance as possible to ensure you stay safe around all power lines.

  • Electrical Permits and Inspections (City of Calgary): 311
  • Disconnections, reconnections and residential moves: 310-2010 (toll-free in Alberta)
  • Demolition: phone your electrical retailer
  • Electrical line clearances
  • High load moves
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Don't carry a ladder, or other long object near overhead power lines. Remember, electricity can arc, or 'jump'. Carry these items parallel to the ground instead of having them upright.

If you aren't sure how far away your ladder, scaffold or platform should be from a power line (it can vary depending on the type of power line), Please phone ENMAX Trouble at 403-514-6100.


Don't use tools designed for indoor use when working outdoors. Outdoor tools have heavier wiring, more insulation and three prongs for proper grounding. Tools should always be plugged into a GFCI (see Outlets section) and if working near water, switch to a battery powered tool or wait for the ground to dry up.


Trees and shrubs beautify property, provide privacy, conserve energy and improve air, water and soil quality. Unfortunately, thousands of customers have power interruptions every year from trees that grow too close to high voltage, overhead power lines. It's inconvenient and may be dangerous.

Property owners are responsible for trees that interfere with their own service line, which runs from the pole line to the house. If your trees contact your service line, we recommend you call a trained arborist to trim your trees. To avoid problems from growth, plant new trees away from lines.

The Power Lines and Nearby Trees program (PLANT program) is designed to trim trees growing into high voltage lines. We'll trim trees for public safety and to avoid power interruptions. Tree trimming is done in accordance with the Alberta Electrical and Communication Utility Code, which states utility operators must trim trees to certain Code standards.

If you'd like more information on the PLANT program, phone us at 403-514-3459 or email treetrimming@enmax.com.

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Tree Trimming

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).