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Fifth year of osprey action caught on camera

/ Calgary

Since 2008, the Calgary Zoo and ENMAX Corporation have teamed up to bring live osprey activity to the public via a high-resolution webcam. From spring arrival and nest building to the laying and hatching of eggs, the public can watch these birds of prey daily as their population rebounds from endangered status to sensitive. So far this season, the female in the pair has laid three eggs.

For over 17 years, a pair of ospreys has built their summer home on a platform constructed by the Calgary Zoo atop a pole erected by ENMAX Power Corporation. The platform is located at the extreme east end of St. George's Island in a non-public area, but can be seen from the bridge crossing the Bow River between the Canadian Wilds and Destination Africa.

"There is a large following of the osprey webcam at the Calgary Zoo," said Doris Kaufmann Woodcock, ENMAX Corporation. "Last year alone we had over 75,000 unique visits to our website. It's fantastic that so many people love to tune in and watch their progress."

As part of its Osprey & Avian Nest Management program, ENMAX Power erected three more nesting platforms this spring in south Calgary. Ospreys often build their nests on top of power poles, potentially posing a danger to themselves while compromising the integrity of the electrical system. ENMAX Power has erected many platforms throughout the city in areas where these nests have caused concern.

"Part of the Calgary Zoo's mission is to connect our visitors with nature and the osprey camera does just that in a very unique way," said Kevin Strange, Head of Conservation Outreach. "Many wild birds and animals make their seasonal home at or near the zoo and it is a privilege to be able to observe them as they face the daily challenges that nature throws at them."

The live streaming camera is available to the public through to the seasonal departure of the birds which typically occurs in September. For more information on the camera and to watch live, visit the ENMAX osprey pages here. A link and further information about ospreys is also available on the Calgary Zoo website at www.calgaryzoo.org/osprey.


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