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Energize your site

​Downtown Calgary projects

Connecting to the Downtown Calgary Core Network is a different process than connecting to the distribution system elsewhere in Calgary.

For downtown projects, send requests to:

ENMAX Power Corporation
Network Planning & Design Group
141 50 Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 4S7

Email: getconnected@enmax.com
Call: 403-514-3716

Not sure if your project falls within the network boundaries? Check the map to be sure.


Projects outside of downtown Calgary

Here is how you can get new or temporary electricity service from ENMAX Power Corporation. If you are only looking to request a Site Identification Number, you can do that here.


Step 1: Make a service request 

We will need the following information in order to service your request for new service.

  • Location of where you need service
  • Type of service being requesting – Is this a primary metered or large load project?

For projects outside of downtown, send requests to:

ENMAX Power Corporation
Planning & Customer Projects
8820 - 52 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 4E7

Email: getconnected@enmax.com
Call: 403-514-3716

Step 2: Expect a call from us

An ENMAX Power Corporation planner should get back to you quickly, usually within one business day. During this call, the planner will walk you through the next steps. The planning process can take 12 weeks or more, depending on the scope and location of the request.

Step 3: Review of your plans

An ENMAX Power Corporation inspector and electrical inspector may need to review your plans before you proceed. This must be completed before you can go ahead with any installation. We will let you know if this needs to happen.

Step 4: Get a Site ID

To obtain the Site Identification Number, you must complete a form and send it to ENMAX Power Corporation. For each site, you'll need to provide the address, service type and characteristics (volts, amps, phases and wire count) and permit number.

In Calgary, for a single family homes and duplexes, the building permit number is required. For condos, multi-family homes and commercial properties, the electrical permit number is required.

All services in Red Deer require the electrical permit.

Step 5: Choose your electricity retailer

Once a Site ID has been assigned to your service site, contact your chosen retailer and request to enroll your site. Your retailer will notify ENMAX that they're supplying electricity to your service and will submit a request to install a meter on your behalf. As regulated by the province, enrollment transactions are processed at midnight. The next day, after the retailer receives notification that the enrollment is successful, they'll submit a request to have your site energized and a meter installed. If you have chosen the government Regulated Rate Option (RRO) you can submit a request to install a meter here.

To view a list of retailers you can visit the Alberta Government's Customer Choice web site.

Step 6: ENMAX Power energizes your site

We're able to energize your service once we've received a successful enrollment and request for energy from your retailer.

ENMAX Power can't energize a site that hasn't been successfully enrolled by a retailer.

The timing required to obtain a Site ID and have the site enrolled by a retailer means that it's not possible to provide same-day service for energizing new sites. If you need energy at a new service on a particular day, please remember to obtain your site ID and choose a retailer in advance to prevent delays.

If you have any questions about this process, you can email getconnected@enmax.com.

Alberta One Call


Where's the Line?

All customers are free to purchase natural gas services from the default supply provider or from a retailer of their choice and to purchase electricity services from the regulated rate provider or from a retailer of their choice. The delivery of natural gas and electricity to you is not affected by your choice. If you change who you purchase natural gas services or electricity services from, you will continue receiving natural gas and electricity from the distribution company in your service area. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).

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