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Pruning Techniques

ENMAX Power Corporation and its contractors use 'natural, lateral or directional' pruning methods.  That is, vertical tree growth (leaders) and horizontal branches (laterals) are cut at their forks or crotches where branches meet the trunk or other branches.

Proper Lateral Cut

Lateral pruning cuts are made close to, but outside of, the branch bark ridge and branch collar.  The first and second cuts are the deepest so that when the limb snaps free, it does not damage the tree below the fork and spring back.  The final cut ensures there is no stub left behind.

Tree paints are not applied, since research has shown they do not prevent decay or promote wound closure.

These improved pruning methods speed wound closure, reduce sprout growth and direct future limb growth away from power lines.  The trees stay healthier and live longer. ENMAX Power's maintenance costs are also reduced because a properly pruned tree requires less frequent pruning.

The tree is topped through removal of the main leader or leaders to a suitable lateral branch.  This style is best used on slow-growing trees or on trees whose mature height will just reach power lines.  Large, faster-growing trees should typically be removed.


Branches on the wire side of the tree are removed to direct future growth away from the line. 


All side branches below the wires are removed.  This style is most commonly used on low-voltage service lines.

V or Through-Pruning

These styles of bush trimming are sometimes used for trees located directly below power lines.  V and through-pruning are essentially the same, except that some bush overhang is left above the wires with through-pruning.  There is no branch overhang left with V-pruning. 

Disposal of trees and trimmings

Generally, when a tree is pruned, branches having a diameter too large for the chipper will be cut into fireplace size lengths and stacked neatly for the property owner.

Branches and leaves are mulched. This mulch is used by Calgary Parks and Recreation, the Zoo, golf courses and private enterprises in flower beds and other applications.

Since Dutch Elm Disease has been discovered in Calgary, ENMAX Power Corporation disposes of all Elm Wood.

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