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ENMAX Highway 8 (application under AUC review) 7.82 Relocation Project and
101 Street Transmission line 7.82 Relocation Project (approved)

Project Overview

In March 2019, ENMAX began its participant involvement program for the Highway 8 Project and 101 Street Projects. Alberta Transportation directed ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX) to relocate its existing 138 kV 7.82L transmission line (existing line) to accommodate the construction of the West Calgary Ring Road. The proposed relocation will be affected by two separate projects: the relocation of the existing line running south along Highway 8 and the relocation of the existing line running parallel to 101 Street SW. 

As part of the participant involvement program for the proposed projects, ENMAX received additional information and feedback from Alberta Transportation and other stakeholders. ENMAX reevaluated and made refinements to the two route alternatives it originally identified in March 2019, and has identified a potential third route for the Highway 8 Project.   ENMAX does not propose any refinements to the 101 Street Project.

Open Houses 

Thank you for showing an interest in the project and sharing your questions and concerns with the project team during the open houses in March and June 2019.

Based on stakeholder feedback we have updated our project materials. Below are the poster boards shared at the June open houses.

June 2019 Open House Maps

June 2019 Open House Resources

Project status

ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX) has filed two facility applications with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for the proposed work on August 23, 2019. One filing was for the Highway 8 project and the other filing was for the 101 Street project. In February 2020 the AUC approved the 101 Street project.

The AUC is reviewing the Highway 8 application. For information and to learn more about the regulatory process, please contact the AUC at www.auc.ab.ca, info@auc.ab.ca, or (403) 310-4282.


Email: Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 403-514-1471


Important Documents

Notification of Filings

ENMAX Newsletter - June 2019

ENMAX Newsletter map - June 2019

ENMAX Newsletter - March 2019

AUC Brochure

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