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Crossfield Energy Centre

Rush Hour Generation

ENMAX Energy Corporation is committed to bringing reliable electricity service to Albertans through advanced technology and innovative new approaches. The Crossfield Energy Centre is an excellent example of that commitment.

It’s a fairly typical scene in the middle of an Alberta winter: it’s the dinner hour, just after the family gets home from work and school. It’s cold and dark outside, so the heat goes up and the lights turn on. There’s laundry to do and supper to make. Plus, the hockey game is on TV tonight at 6:30. That’s where the Crossfield Energy Centre comes in.

Crossfield operates an estimated 15 to 45 per cent of the time during high consumption periods – typically in the daytime and seasonally when temperatures are high or low. During these times, Crossfield is designed to provide a boost of power to Alberta’s electrical grid, ensuring there is a large enough supply to meet customer demand. ​

Alberta Environment and Parks has given ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc extended approval to continue to operate Crossfield Energy Station until January 8, 2030.

Notice of decision


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