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Calgary Energy Centre

Calgary Energy Centre

The Calgary Energy Centre is an essential part of ENMAX Energy Corporation’s generation portfolio, supporting our operations at a crucial time – when Albertans are looking for more efficient energy solutions to maintain their way of life without sacrificing the reliability they have come to depend on.

Acquired by ENMAX Energy through a subsidiary in 2008, the facility is a 320 MW natural gas-fueled combined cycle generation facility on the northern boundary of Calgary. In combined cycle turbine technology, natural gas fuels a combustion turbine that produces both electricity and heat. The heat is then captured to produce even more electricity through a steam turbine.

The Calgary Energy Centre provides a lower-emitting generation option, more efficient generation, and a more reliable energy option for Alberta’s electrical grid. ​

Calgary Energy Centre Expansion Project

Project Overview

ENMAX Energy Corporation ("ENMAX") owns and operates the Calgary Energy Centre ("CEC"), a 320 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fueled combined-cycle generation facility, and is proposing to expand this facility to include a "peaking" facility.  This natural-gas fueled peaking facility would be capable of generating up to 197 MW of power to help meet southern Alberta's growing demand for power.

Project status

In December of 2015, Calgary Energy Centre No. 2 Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENMAX Corporation, applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission (“AUC”) for approval to increase the capacity at the Calgary Energy Centre Power Plant, located at 14417 – 68 Street NE, by up to 197 Megawatts. In September of 2016, the AUC approved the project as filed. The in-service date of the approved project was scheduled for June 30, 2019.

On September 20, 2018, ENMAX submitted an application to the AUC requesting a time extension to the original in-service date from 2019 to 2022, due to a delay in obtaining the necessary approvals required for the project site. These approvals were received in August 2018, however by then it was not feasible to construct the plant by the original in-service date.


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