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Generation Assets

ENMAX En​ergy Corporation’s generation fleet is comprised of modern natural gas-fuelled units and renewable wind facilities. This helps reduce carbon dioxide (CO​2) emissions in electricity generation compared to higher levels of CO2 produced by coal-fired generation.

Our generation facilities

​​Today, the majority of the electricity Albertans use is generated by burning coal. ​

The ENMAX group of companies have a better vision for Alberta.

The vision starts with generation. By having our own generation facilities that use cleaner-burning natural gas and are built closer to consumers, we can reduce our carbon footprint. We plan to combine high efficiency natural gas-fired generation with renewable sources such as wind power and solar power.

 ​​Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") technology will make economical use of otherwise wasted heat, and ENMAX Energy Corporation's district energy systems will reduce the need for individual buildings in densely populated areas – like the East Village in Calgary - to have their own heating system.

These are all ways that we are working towards our vision. We're excited by the benefits and possibilities this will provide for Albertans for years to come.​​​​


​We’re think​​ing big to provide power for a bette​r tomorrow​​​

​​​​Natural gas is considered one of the least carbon dioxide emitting fossil fuel options available for electric power generation. Through subsidiaries, ENMAX Energy Corporation owns two natural gas generation plants; the Crossfield Energy Centre and the Calgary Energy Centr​e just north of Calgary, and co-owns the Shepard Energy Centre in southeast Calgary.​​

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Being a good neighbour is a responsibility we take​​ very seriously.

ENMAX Corporation's commitment to build long-term relationships with our stakeholders and communities is based on two fundamental guiding principles – communication and trust.

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These two principles shape the development of our stakeholder relations philosophy which include​:

  • open, honest comm​​unication
  • listening to stakeholder concerns
  • respecting diverse opinions
  • ​seeking mutually beneficial solutions
  • learning from each other​​​​


A shining example of how we apply fresh thinking that results in local solutions.

​The Downtown District Energy Centre is capable of supplying heat for up to six million square feet of new and existing residential and commercial properties.

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​​Why haven’t I heard of District Energy?

While it’s relatively common in other parts of Canada and the United States, the Downtown District Energy Centre is the first of its kind in Calgary. Institutions like universities and hospitals often use district heating, but it hasn’t traditionally been used to heat commercial buildings in Calgary.​




Wind is one of the most environmentally responsibl​e methods of producing electricity

Alberta is a leader in Canada for wind energy production with the highest percentage of total installed wind generation capacity of any province.

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Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).