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A program that is for the birds

Birds often build their nests on top of power poles and other electrical infrastructure which can be dangerous for them and damaging to the electrical system. To minimize incidents, ENMAX Power takes actions to:

  1. Prevent nesting - in areas where osprey are prone to nesting on power poles, specially designed and tested nesting deterrents are installed prior to the breeding season.
  2. Provide alternate nesting locations - to date, ENMAX Power has installed 19 nesting platforms around Calgary which are monitored regularly.
  3. Educate employees: Crews undergo training to help guide their actions when birds and/or nests are discovered.  

Please be aware that not all platforms are easily or safely accessible. Please check the map to determine which platforms are best for viewing and exercise caution when attending the platforms, you do so at your own risk.


Check out the map to find an osprey platform near you.

View larger map

Osprey Map Legend 


Green icons on the map show platforms that are home to osprey. If you see a red icon, it means we haven't observed any osprey at that platform yet.


Early April - Ospreys return to Calgary and select nesting sites

 Mid April - Mating and nest building

April - Early May - Egg laying (two to four eggs)

May - Incubation of eggs (Started)

June - Eggs hatch

July - Feeding and growing

August - Fledging (Learning to fly)

September - Osprey leave for warmer climate


Please note that there will be intermittent interruptions to the camera feed due to electrical outages planned at the Zoo. Thank you for your patience.

Osprey return to their new home!

For over 20 years, osprey have nested at the Calgary Zoo atop a specially placed nest platform built and maintained by ENMAX Power. Although the platform was moved last year to a different location at the Zoo, the osprey did return to their new home. We once again await their return.

The platform can be seen from the Canadian Wilds at the Zoo or from the benches on the Bow River Pathway where Nose Creek joins the Bow River (at the train trestle).

You can also watch the osprey camera for a birds-eye view of nest building, egg laying, hatching, feeding and the first flights of the osprey chicks.  

Please keep in mind that the camera is to observe these wild birds in their natural environment. Once the birds have arrived neither ENMAX Power nor the Calgary Zoo will interfere with them or their nest.​​​

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