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A program that is for the birds

Osprey often build their nests on top of power poles, which can be dangerous for the birds and damage the electrical system.  In some areas, where osprey come back to nest year after year, ENMAX Power Corporation erects platforms, like the one at the Zoo, to encourage nesting on the platform instead of on electrical equipment. To date, we've installed 14 nesting platforms around Calgary.

Check out the map to find an osprey platform near you.


Osprey Map Legend 


Green icons on the map show platforms that are home to osprey. If you see a red icon, it means we haven't observed any osprey at that platform yet.  

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Please be aware that not all platforms are easily or safely accessible. Please check the map to determine which platforms are best for viewing and exercise caution when attending the platforms, you do so at your own risk.


Early April - Ospreys return to Calgary and select nesting sites

 Mid April - Mating and nest building

April - Early May - Egg laying (two to four eggs)

May - Incubation of eggs (Started)

June - Eggs hatch

July - Feeding and growing

August - Fledging (Learning to fly)

September - Osprey leave for warmer climate


Wow, they're growing up fast

Our feathered friends are growing up fast. Only weeks ago the babies emerged from the safety of their shells and they are now busy eating copious amounts of fish and gaining strength in preparation for their first flight.

There's still lots of fun to watch for from nest fixing to feedings and to the little ones learning to fly. Share any highlights you see with us and other osprey watchers on Twitter and Facebook, using #OspreyYYC and @ENMAX so everyone can catch up on what's happening in the nest.

Please keep in mind that the camera is to observe these wild birds in their natural environment. Once the birds have arrived neither ENMAX Power nor the Calgary Zoo will interfere with them or their nest.

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