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September update: It was quite a year, but with the weather turning colder, the osprey have abandoned the nest, headed south and the trout in the Bow and Elbow rivers are once again able to swim in peace.

We will be turning off the camera soon, but please check back soon for a gallery of some milestones from 2014.

Thank you for tuning into the osprey cam this past season and sharing the fun with us. We hope that, just like the osprey, you too will return next spring.

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For the birds

Aside from the nest at the Calgary Zoo, many of the other platforms around Calgary hosted nesting pairs of osprey and their offspring during the 2014. And we even added a new platform in Fish Creek Park south of Canyon Meadows Drive on the west side of Macleod trail.

While these platforms make it easier to watch these incredible birds, they also help ensure the osprey's safety by giving them an alternative to building on power poles.


We do this because osprey often build their nests on top of power poles, and this behavior poses a danger to the birds and the electrical system.

In some areas where ospreys return to nest year after year, we erect osprey platforms nearby to encourage nesting on the platform instead of electrical equipment. Our efforts are guided by our on-staff, avian biologist who assists our field staff with safeguarding nesting birds.

And off they fly

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