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After being taken off the air by last year's flood, we're thrilled that our osprey camera is back and ready for another season.

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Tune in and catch all the big and small moments as they happen in real time via streaming video including nest building, egg laying, incubation and hatching, feeding and even the first time the chicks spread their wings and fly.

The camera captures the action at a platform located on the east end of St George's Island at the Calgary Zoo. It's been home to nesting osprey for over 18 years. This platform is one of 12 osprey platforms around Calgary that ENMAX Power Corporation has installed to help ensure the continued safety and success of these nesting sites as part of our Osprey and Avian Nest Management program.

We do this because osprey often build their nests on top of power poles, potentially posing a danger to the birds and the electrical system.  In some areas where ospreys return to nest year after year, we erect osprey platforms nearby to encourage nesting on the platform instead of electrical equipment.

Our efforts are guided by our on-staff, avian biologist who assists our field staff with safeguarding nesting birds.

Please keep in mind that the camera is to observe these wild birds in their natural environment. Once the birds have arrived neither ENMAX Power nor the Calgary Zoo will interfere with them or their nest.

The osprey cam is back for another great season

Typical osprey activity

If the unseasonably cold, long winter has been on our minds, you know the osprey have been thinking about it too.
Below are the typical dates for osprey activity, but it’s very likely that things this year could happen one to two weeks later.

Early April—Ospreys return to Calgary and select nesting sites
Mid-April—Mating and nest building
Late April to Early May—Egg laying (2-4 eggs)
May—Incubation of eggs
June—Eggs hatch!
July—Feeding and growing
August—Fledging (learning to fly)
September—Ospreys leave for warmer climate!

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