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​Street Lighting Solutions

ENMAX Power Services Corporation offers installation of street lighting systems.

Effective street lighting increases safety, creates an inviting atmosphere and enhances property value, which attracts new customers to your development.

We provide street lighting systems that are economical, effective and visually appealing. Ideal for commercial property, residential developments, business zones, parks, pathways and special projects, we work with you to design the lighting that best suits your requirements. Coordination of contractor construction schedules, development and delivery of installation schedules, arranging power supply and providing maintenance services are all part of the package.

To find out how our RCI Solution team can help your business with your commercial development call 403-514-3355 to speak to a member of our team.

Streetlight in a business area

Commercial Lighting solutions

As part of your commercial development, you may want to look at lighting solutions. Effective street lighting increases safety, creates an inviting atmosphere, and enhances property value; all of which attracts clients to your development. We provide street lighting systems that are economical, effective, and visually appealing  and ideal for commercial developments. Whether for parking lots, private roadways, business zones, park pathways or special projects, the RCI Solutions Team has an alternative to suit your needs.

We will work with you to design and install the lighting that best suits your needs.

We provide:

  • Lighting consultation
  • Attractive designs
  • Customized orders
  • Wide selection of materials
  • Construction and installation
  • Maintenance
  • Rentals or purchases


Our work​

View some examples of our street lighting work in the images below.



DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_1.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 1http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_1.JPG, Streetlights 1
DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_2.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 2http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_2.JPG, Streetlights 2
DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_3.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 3http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/lights_3.JPG, Streetlights 3
DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_5.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 4http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_5.JPG, Streetlights 4
DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_6.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 6http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_6.JPG, Streetlights 6
DispForm.aspxDispForm.aspxImagehttp://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_7.JPG?RenditionID=6, Streetlights 5http://authoring.enmax.com/ForYourBusinessSite/PublishingImages/Engineering%20and%20Construction/RCI_7.JPG, Streetlights 5

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