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Stakeholder engagement

​As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and public accountability, ENMAX seeks the input of stakeholders to review and provide feedback and ensure the credibility of our CR program.

In the context of our CR program, stakeholder refers to internal and external groups, affected by our actions, whom we engage to help assess, review and improve our CR activities. Information on our engagement of stakeholder groups impacted by our construction and operation activities can be found in the Community section.

In 2013, we reviewed our CR Panel representatives to ensure complete representation of key stakeholder categories and added the categories of union employee, and lenders/rating agencies.  As well, we continue to invite members of the T'suu T'ina Nation and the Municipal District of Rocky View. To date we are still waiting for confirmed participation. 

Our CR Panel participants continue to report that they are grateful for the opportunity to support ENMAX as we work to further embed corporate responsibility across the organization through the provision of constructive feedback.  Read the full CR Panel Workshop Summary Report.

In September 2013, we provided a tour of the Calgary Energy Centre for our CR Panel members to further enhance the opportunity for our key stakeholders to understand our operations.  As well, at this year's workshop we hosted a roundtable discussion with key champions of our CR Program, namely our CEO; the chair of our Executive Corporate Responsibility Committee and the EVP Regulatory and Legal Services; VP Corporate Responsibility; VP Communications and Public Relations and the Director of Stakeholder and Aboriginal Affairs.  We hope to continue these process improvements in future years.

Our current CR Panel representation includes:

Stakeholder Category CR Panel Representative
Aboriginal groupsRepresentation to be filled
AcademiaUniversity of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business
Commercial customersConocoPhillips
Community associationsPrairie Schooner Estates Ltd.

Management exempt employee, ENMAX

Union member employee, ENMAX

Environmental non-government organizationsPembina Institute
Residential customersCalgary resident, M. Jones
Rural municipal districtsMunicipal District of Taber
Social impact non-government organizationsSiMPACT Strategy Group
Urban municipal districtsCity of Calgary, Environmental and Safety Management
Lenders / RatersRBC Capital Markets

At our 2013 workshop we introduced the transition of our CR information to an enhanced web-based disclosure to be more timely and dynamic in our reporting. 

The CR Panel presented the following recommendations that reflect the movement of the reporting to a more dynamic structure, and will be taken into consideration as we move forward:

  • Power in numbers. Improve integration between the narrative and statistics/data tables; label figures and cross reference accordingly throughout your messaging. Data is powerful and should be used to support findings.
  • Develop a robust planning and reporting framework. Up-front reporting on CR will help build integrity, credibility and transparency. Planning frameworks can be presented as a dashboard in a highlights page and elaborated on in each of the individual reports.
  • Focus more on future goals, less on past successes. Shift the focus of future reports from storytelling to demonstrating progress with supporting metrics; clear and consistent metrics allow ENMAX to demonstrate transparency, accountability and progress in its reporting.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Integrate more infographics into ENMAX's communications. Infographics are a visually compelling communication medium that done well can support ENMAX in quickly communicating complex data to a wider audience.
  • Be strategic. Focus on issues that reflect ENMAX's most significant sustainability impacts and opportunities.

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