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​Materiality and stakeholder engagement

ENMAX annually conducts materiality assessments with representatives of our key stakeholders, and our Senior Executive and Business Unit leaders, to identify areas of our organization, and related issues, that have the greatest impact on our ability to act on our corporate strategy and that are of most interest to our stakeholders.  In particular, for our CR program, we compare the results of the CR Panel's assessment to the assessment by our ENMAX Executive and team leaders.

Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and public accountability, ENMAX seeks the input of stakeholders to review and provide feedback and ensure the credibility of our CR program.

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About our Materiality Assessment

As our CR Panel completes the materiality assessment, they often identify topics that are important to them – for example, human rights and the supply chain.  Although ENMAX realizes that some topics are important to our stakeholders, and are pertinent topics in the realm of CR, there are certain topics upon which ENMAX has little impact or influence. To build on the supply chain example, ENMAX sources most of our materials locally where our suppliers are bound legislatively to ensure human rights are not compromised in product development. 

We compare the results of the CR Panel's assessment to the assessment by our ENMAX Executive and team leaders. In 2013, the subjects with the strongest materiality alignment between our CR Panel and ENMAX management were:

  • Employee and public health and safety
  • Releases to the environment
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
  • Operational reliability and availability

Advocacy and Public Policy

ENMAX works to represent our views on public policy issues and identify the impacts that different public policy choices may have on Albertans, our customers, and the electricity industry.

We assist officials at the municipal, provincial and federal level to better understand the electricity industry – from providing tours of our generation plants to working on natural gas and climate change regulations. Together, we endeavour to improve upon existing policies to ensure they meet the needs of government while enabling us to continue to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective power to our customers across Alberta.  

ENMAX is in compliance with all laws regarding lobbyist registration and does not make political contributions to candidates for elected office, elected officials, or the political parties they represent.



This is one of three corporate reports that ENMAX produces to
thoroughly disclose all aspects of our performance in 2013.

All reports are available in the reports section.

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