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Our CR Objectives

Our CR Objectives, set by senior management, represent the key areas of our business and strategy - providing a framework that guides decision making and supports a culture of Corporate Responsibility.



CR Objective: Stakeholders

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) mandates stakeholder engagement for transmission and generation projects. ENMAX strives to exceed AUC requirements because we believe transparent, two-way dialogue helps reach a mutually beneficial outcome. We take a proactive, consultative approach, contacting potential stakeholders in advance of all construction or upgrade projects. These efforts align with The City's goal in its 2020 Sustainability Direction for an engaged and empowered community. Our target is to have no compliance issues under AUC Rule 007, a rule that mandates a participant involvement program for substations and transmission lines. We achieved that goal in 2015.

Our ENMAX team takes pride in making sure our stakeholder engagement program is informative, open and honest, but we know there is always room to improve. 

CR Objective: Sustainable value creation

Through our commitments as an Imagine Canada Caring Company, ENMAX invests a minimum of one per cent of pre-tax profits in the Alberta community on a five year rolling average basis. In 2015, according to the Imagine Canada criteria, our investment was 1.43 per cent of our pre-tax profits.


CR Objective: Safety

ENMAX monitors our Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) rate on a monthly basis to track our safety performance. TRIF represents the percentage of our workforce that is injured over a specific period of time. The lower the TRIF, the better our safety performance. TRIF factors in lost time, medical aids and injuries that result in restricted work.  This aim supports the city's goal in its 2020 Sustainability Direction for a safe and resilient community. In 2015 we reset our target to achieve a TRIF of less than 1.0 each year for the next five years.  Unfortunately we did not achieve this target in 2015. Although recognized by the Canadian Electricity Association's Gold Award for Employee Safety, our past year's safety performance is not acceptable by our own standards and we are taking diligent steps to improve our results.


CR Objective: Emissions

ENMAX's commitment to reduce the GHG emissions footprint of our generation portfolio began in 2011 by setting a target of 10 per cent reduction in our generation portfolio intensity below 2005 levels by 2020. In 2015, we are on track to meet our target with an emissions intensity of 0.887 tCO2e/MWH. Our target aligns with The City's goal in its 2020 Sustainability Direction for a sustainable environment.

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CR Objective: Delivering an exemplary customer experience

Achieving top-quartile customer satisfaction while maintaining an effective cost structure is our customer service objective. We achieved 83 per cent on this metric in 2015, which places us in the top quartile of comparable North American energy companies. We are proud of this achievement; excellence in customer care is among our top priorities.

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CR Objective: Customer reliability

Reliability is critical to customer satisfaction and welfare. Ensuring excellent reliability is part of our core strategy to continue to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective transmission and distribution services to Calgarians while meeting the challenges of our growing and expanding city. To track our reliability performance, we monitor the average number of power service interruptions of one minute or more experienced by a customer in a year (System Average Interruption Frequency Index - SAIFI) and the average duration of a power service interruption experienced by a customer throughout a year (System Average Interruption Duration Index - SAIDI).  In 2014, ENMAX ranked in the top quartile across Canada per the Canadian Electricity Association reports.  The 2015 results are as follows:



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