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CR Objective: Ethics and Compliance

From the way we choose suppliers to the community initiatives we invest in, CR has a powerful influence on the decisions we make and how we operate every part of our business.

At ENMAX, our integrity is a top priority and we work hard to maintain a culture of compliance across the organization. Our ENMAX Principles of Business Ethics handbook sets the overarching standards for ethical and responsible conduct in all our activities.

All new employees must partake in mandatory training on the handbook. We support compliance with our Safety and Ethics HelpLine at 1-800-661-9675 and online reporting, available to employees and suppliers to report concerns of illegal or unethical behaviour. 

In 2014, we will enhance our Ethics and Compliance CR objective from its existing compliance-focused language to reflect our plan to annually communicate and train all employees on the importance of ENMAX's ethics and compliance expectations. We will also be including a conflict of interest declaration. 

This transition to an annual training program for all will serve to enhance employee awareness of our corporation's commitment to ethics in the work-place and its alignment to our core values.  As well, we have integrated the value of ethics and compliance into our leadership training module for all managers, providing the foundation for their understanding of their role in enhancing ethics and compliance, including how to recognize and manage conflicts of interest. 

We measure our CR objective to maintain a culture of compliance across our organization by having zero findings of non-compliance and investigations against ENMAX, which we achieved in 2013. 

Ethics and compliance highlights for 2013 include:

In March, the Ethisphere Institute once-again named ENMAX Corporation one of the World's Most Ethical Companies for 2013. We are very proud of this achievement because it speaks to ENMAX's continued commitment to ethical leadership, corporate social responsibility, good governance and compliance practices. 

Wholesale trading involves continually buying and selling electricity through the Alberta Power Pool to manage our electricity portfolio. Since December 2009, we have conducted business with no specified penalty for non-compliance under Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) rules. This industry-leading performance is a key performance indicator for our Trading Group.


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