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Our Corporate Responsibility Commitment

The mandate of ENMAX's Corporate Responsibility (CR) program is to align with ENMAX's core values and to guide the ENMAX Vision and Corporate Strategic Plan. This is consistent with our desire to fully integrate CR into our operations at ENMAX rather than as a separate area of focus or obligation.

Corporate responsibility at ENMAX refers to the simple principle that how we conduct our business is equally as important as the profits we earn.

At ENMAX, corporate responsibility is not a stand-alone initiative; it's about how we make decisions. It's a culture of ethics, transparency and integrity that applies to all of our existing core values. Corporate responsibility demonstrates our belief in taking personal accountability for all that we do, including safety, customer care, environmental stewardship, and meaningful stakeholder and community engagement.

ENMAX's corporate responsibility ethic is about being aware of our actions and the impact of our decisions on company profitability, the environment, the citizens of Calgary, consumers, our fellow employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility Roadmap

We have designed our CR Roadmap to guide us along a pathway of continuously improving CR integration performance.  We have already moved through many steps of the CR Roadmap, including inception and foundation. From 2010 to 2012 we completed the "Strategic Approach" phase, which was a period of designing and building CR and beginning to embed CR awareness and actions into our operations.

We have entered the 'Leading Performance' phase of our CR program development, furthering our CR program into ENMAX strategic planning and operating plans to ensure it aligns and supports the Corporate Strategic Plan; to further integrate CR concepts into day-to-day operations and decisions; and to evolve CR disclosure so that it reflects our proactive approach to achieving a culture of corporate responsibility.  Our CR program ensures that we stand back periodically to assess and communicate integral CR elements of our business to ensure we stay true to these beliefs.



Simply put, governance is about how we make decisions as an organization – assigning authority and accountability to people, determining what information we use to make those decisions and ensuring we have effective processes to help us carry out our work in a way that reflects our corporate values. In 2011, we established parallel structure at the ENMAX executive level and Board of Directors to govern corporate responsibility. Read about the Committee's mandate.

To learn more about the leadership that drives our business, read about our Board of Directors and corporate governance.

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Embedding Corporate Responsibility into Business Decisions


Throughout 2011-2012 we formalized Corporate Responsibility (CR) objectives in key areas as opportunities to take visible, meaningful action to integrate corporate responsibility in our activities and operations. They are the foundation for assessing our progress toward realizing our CR commitment.

Read more about our CR objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and public accountability, ENMAX seeks the input of stakeholders to review and provide feedback and ensure the credibility of our CR program.

In the context of our CR program, the term "stakeholder" refers to internal and external groups, affected by our actions, whom we engage to help assess, review and improve our CR activities. Information on our engagement of stakeholder groups impacted by our construction and operation activities can be found in the Generation and Wires section.

In 2015 we took the opportunity to evaluate our CR stakeholder engagement program so that we ensure we are effectively encompassing stakeholder input across the Corporation.  We will continue to engage our key stakeholder representatives and take their recommendations into consideration as we move forward.

Our current CR Panel representation includes:

Stakeholder Category CR Panel Representative
Aboriginal groups Representation to be filled
Academia University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business
Commercial customers ConocoPhillips
Community associations Prairie Schooner Estates Ltd.

Management exempt employee, ENMAX

Union member employee, ENMAX

Environmental non-government organizations Pembina Institute
Residential customers Calgary resident, M. Jones
Rural municipal districts Municipal District of Taber
Social impact non-government organizations SiMPACT Strategy Group
Urban municipal districts City of Calgary, Environmental and Safety Management
Lenders / Raters RBC Capital Markets

Materiality Assessment

Since 2008 ENMAX has used a materiality assessment process to determine which issues and topics to include in the scope of its annual CR disclosure. 

Material assessments completed by our key stakeholders identify topics that are important to them.  ENMAX values this input and carefully considers the feedback.  The top five issues identified by our key stakeholders in 2014 remain material for 2015:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Climate Change
  • Innovation / Technology
  • Employee and Public Health and Safety
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Customer Satisfaction

ENMAX also considers these issues material and each are incorporated to our 2015 CR disclosure. In 2016 we will continue to incorporate the materiality assessment process into our CR program to ensure our disclosure remains relative to our operations.

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