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The economic impact of the flood

​On June 20, 2013, as flow rates of the Bow and Elbow rivers rapidly increased and 26 Calgary communities were issued evacuation orders, ENMAX Power Corporation assets around the city were being inundated with water.

"Our transmission and distribution systems incurred significant damage as a result of the flood," said Dale McMaster, Executive Vice President, Transmission and Distribution.  "While much of this damage is repaired, there are still several significant issues that will require long-term solutions."

The cost of the flood to ENMAX was calculated at $4.7 million in operational costs and capitalized costs of $4.9 million.  Substation 32, the LRT and the Downtown District Energy Centre were among the infrastructure that incurred substantial damages.

Substation 32, located west of Deerfoot Trail just north of Douglasdale, became an island as water rushed past, eroding the banks of the Bow River and causing four overhead distribution feeders to wash away. ENMAX Power reconfigured the distribution system so that affected neighbourhoods could receive power from alternate substations, but the feeders remain out of service.  System planning and engineering studies are underway to address outstanding issues.

"Several other system river crossings were affected during the flood, but ENMAX Power successfully arranged for supply alternatives, causing no power interruptions to customers," explained McMaster.

ENMAX Energy Corporation's Downtown District Energy Centre also continued to operate without disruption, despite the facility having water up to the basement ceiling.

"The fact that it was operational throughout the flood demonstrates its resilience and reliability even during times of crisis," said Pat Bohan, Director, District Energy and Combined Heat and Power. "It's been restored to its pre-flood appearance and measures have been taken to fortify it against future floods."

The City's LRT system was also heavily impacted by the flood. Eight LRT stations were out of service due to power-supply interruptions. ENMAX Power Services Corporation worked closely with Calgary Transit to restore power in time for Stampede and the final LRT station, City Hall, was re-energized on June 28, just eight days after the flood.

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