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Impact of the flood on our customers

As flood waters rose on June 20, 2013 and the Bow and Elbow rivers began spilling over into nearby communities, ENMAX's first priority was safety.

We worked closely with the City of Calgary and the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

In the early hours of what became Calgary's worst natural disaster in history, ENMAX began to disconnect power to neighbourhoods that were flooding, or at risk of flooding. The community of Discovery Ridge was the first to undergo a mandatory outage. It was quickly followed by Roxboro, Erlton, Ramsay and Inglewood (with many more being taken offline in the days that followed). By shortly after midnight, approximately 5,300 customers were without power. By 7 a.m. the next morning, that number had climbed to 24,220 customers and eventually rising to more than 35,000 customers affected by mandatory power outages.

But it wasn't long before restoration began. Just one day after the devastation began, ENMAX started restoring power to residential areas experiencing outages. In the days that followed, crews worked around the clock to get the city's electric system back on its feet. Whether it was manning the Trouble Line, helping to restore LRT (Light Rail Transit) service, inspecting one of the 155 flooded vaults in our system, or keeping the lights on for the rest of the city, we were on for Calgarians during one of our city's biggest trials.

In all, we restored power to approximately 35,000 customer sites in eight days. This unprecedented restoration couldn't have happened without the patience and cooperation of our customers.  From Tweeting questions on Twitter, to self-identifying electrical risks and calling our Trouble Line, to staying away from ENMAX structures that had come in contact with water, Calgarians' cooperation helped us get the lights back on.

Thank you for doing your part so we could do ours.


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