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Because having a choice is the best choice to have

We know choice is very important to Albertans. It’s more than being able to choose which company they do business with,
it’s about having access to the products and services that fit the needs of their homes and businesses.

Sometimes choice is about designing an innovative product plan, while at other times,
choice is about providing alternatives – and the new ways we can help Albertans.


True Albertan Service


We’re proud to have the ENMAX Customer Care Centre in the same province as our customers as we believe it helps us serve Albertans better. We’re Albertan too – we share the same time zone, support the same teams, and experience the same weather. This helps us to better understand our customers and their needs and concerns.

It’s not in the mail.


Starting in September 2014, we introduced eBill, - an easier and clutter-clearing way for people to receive their monthly invoices.

While meeting our customers’ goal to take care of more tasks online and reduce waste, eBill also met some of our goals by creating efficiencies for our operations and reducing the number of paper bills that we mail out every month.

With eBill, customers could login to see their current balance and have the option to securely review 13 months of bills so they could monitor their energy usage and billing.

Through an incentive program, when people signed up for eBill, they could ask to have a tree planted in their name. Over 6,000 trees were planted in 2014 – so not only did our customer enjoy less clutter, but the environment enjoyed more trees.

By the end of the year, over 63,000 ENMAX customers were finding their bill in their inbox instead of their mailbox. We expect this number to grow as more people discover this convenient alternative.

Capturing solar success

Solar panels used on building siding  

ENMAX Solar* photo voltaic (PV) systems are popping up on rooftops across the province, from St. Albert to Lethbridge.

In 2014, in addition to continuing our program for residential, we expanded our offering to include commercial installations.

As a result, the total capacity of solar installs in 2014 by ENMAX Energy equaled 1.0 megawatts, more than the previous five years combined. This demonstrates that business owners from a variety of sectors are embracing solar energy and generating their own electricity, with the help of ENMAX Solar.

31% of all grid-connected solar capacity in Alberta installed by ENMAX

Because an old idea can heat a new community


The concept of district heating dates back to the 1880s, which is also the time when people first built the historic East Village.

Today, as people are moving back to the area, our District Energy Centre is helping bring the new East Village to life.

Already 16 buildings have made the choice to heat their buildings from the ENMAX District Energy Centre.

* ENMAX Solar is brought to you by ENMAX Energy Corporation and ENMAX Generation Portfolio Inc.

Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).